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Our Services

Meadow Men is a rewilding services business based in Ireland. We specialise in planting grass meadows, wildflower meadows, and native trees to promote biodiversity and environmental conservation. Our business is dedicated to restoring natural habitats and ecosystems in Ireland through our rewilding initiatives.


Grass meadows are areas sown with a mix of grass varieties. These areas can be mown or let grow wild to create expanses of tall grass. This reduces the need for mowing and creates habitat for native insects and birds. Paths can be mown through these areas for access. 


Wild flower meadows are areas sown with wild flower species to create ideal habitats for native fauna. The combination of species used can be tailored to all environments and soil types and can also be sown in combination with grass varieties. 


There are 28 trees native to Ireland. These include alder, oak, ash, hazel, birch, Scots pine, rowan and willow. We can supply and plant all sizes from sapling up to mature specimens to create small pocket woodlands in suburban gardens or larger open woodlands in commercial or rural spaces.

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