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Meadow Men
Rewilding Ireland

Our Goals

Our goal is to work with private and commercial clients to create beautiful natural spaces that contribute to the creation of habitat for our native wildlife. 

It is our passion for Ireland's native flora and fauna that drives us to help our clients contribute to a positive sustainable future and also create wonderful spaces for enjoyment and relaxation.

Our Goals

The Process

Step 1: Initial Meeting

First step is to meet up and review the site and discuss your requirements and hopes. Every site and space has potential and we can advise on different approaches and solutions for your garden or commercial space.

Step 2: Proposal & Costing
Step 3: Site Preparation and Seed Sowing

We will provide a detailed proposal based on our initial meeting and site survey. This will include a specially tailored schedule of works and a detailed costing.

This is the most important step in creating a successful meadow or woodland. We clear and prepare the area for sowing or planting and ensure the seeds or trees get the best start in life.

Step 4: Monitoring & Maintenance

Sown meadows and tree plantings are regularly monitored to assess germination and growth. The control of weed and unwanted species is also addressed.

Step 5: The Cut Back

Meadows require yearly cut back in Autumn to remove dead foliage in preparation for new Spring cycle. This can be carried out by Meadow Men or we can advise on best approach.

The Process
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